Are YOU Ready to Build a Better Sandcastle? Well let me show you how!

See the really cool castle in the cover shot at left? In this book I show you every single trick - plus quite a few more - that my partners and I used in creating it.
Sandcastles Made Simple: Step-by-Step Instructions, Tips, and Tricks for Building Sensational Sand Creations

By Lucinda "sandy feet" Wierenga

Photographs by Jamey Fountain

Published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang, May, 2005

New! Semi-permanent Sand Sculpture you can take home with you!

See some sample pages:

My name is sandy feet and I have earned a small amount of fame for building fairly wonderful sand castles. I have written a couple of books on this subject already, but Sandcastles Made Simple is the one I really wanted to write all along.

This book does a better job of explaining the art of handstacking towers, walls and arches -- but it delves much deeper into this amazing artform. Those of you who have already mastered handstacking will find much more detailed methods and tools for carving your structures. This book features whole chapters on carving softpacked sand and using forms to achieve new personal records in height and mass. Many techniques explored in these pages are geared for older kids and adults - there is even a chpater on how to prepare for - and maybe even win! an amateur sand castle contest. But I haven't forgotten the littlest sandcastlers -- the book includes tips for involving the tiniest of hands and even some dedicated projects for you to try with your toddler.

Finally, it is beautiful! Hardcover, 126 pages full of helpful color photos. Makes a great gift for the beach lover in your life!


sandy feet, master sand sculptor

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